Sharing Hencove Traditions this Holiday Season

Sharing Hencove Traditions this Holiday Season  

Something that brings our team joy year-round is gathering on Tuesdays to test our trivia knowledge, with questions compiled by our Chief Trivia Officer, Tom Scanlon. This holiday season, we decided to share our passion for trivia with our clients and friends in our holiday cards. 

We scoured the internet for branding and marketing related trivia, and created eight unique cards with trivia questions. Want a challenge? Write your guesses down before scrolling to the answers at the bottom of the page. Good luck! 

  1. The iPhone is the second best-selling product of all time after which item? 
  2. Who owns the trademark for the Tooth Fairy? 
  3. Needing more pop, what American entrepreneur paid $13K in 1970 to rename his brand after himself? 
  4. Casual Friday was a 1990’s guerrilla marketing campaign by what Levi’s khaki brand?
  5. What was the first company considered to do content marketing?
  6. Which 2013 film holds the record for most product placements? 
  7. What candy was created specifically for the movie “E.T.”?
  8. What soft drink was invented in Waco, Texas in 1885? 


Happy Holidays from the Hencove team! Wishing you a year of great curiosity! 




Spoiler Alert


1.    The Rubik’s Cube
2.    Colgate
3.    Orville Redenbacher
4.    Dockers
5.    John Deere
6.    Transformers: Age of Extinction
7.    Reese’s Pieces
8.    Dr. Pepper