Building & Nurturing Brands

Hencove helps brands find their voice, craft their story and engage audiences. From logos to websites to blogs to social media, we create an array of marketing and communications materials to help brands reach their target markets.

For companies to compete and win, they need to be highly effective and efficient with their marketing efforts. Hencove Marketing works with brands of all shapes, sizes and maturity stages. The work provided is organized into four distinct categories:

Brand Identity:

  • Audit, Visual Identity, Message & Story, Guideline, and Roadmap

Brand Awareness:

  • Advertising, Media Relations, Sales Collateral, Video, and Web

Brand Engagement:

  • Social, Blog, Content, Events & Shows, and Email Marketing

Brand Reputation:

  • Monitoring, Response, and Crisis

While projects may have start and end dates, true branding has no beginning, middle or end. A brand is an endless journey. Caretakers of the brand serve as captains, steering the vessel through tumultuous waters along a safe journey.

Bring Hencove along for the adventure.