Your brand is what other people say when you’re not in the room.
— Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Managing your brand reputation—listening intently and responding carefully—is critical to your brand’s health:

  • Monitoring – Satisfied and dissatisfied stakeholders alike can easily share their perspectives about your brand. The first step is to monitor every reference in real-time so that you can take action quickly, if necessary. A full-scale monitoring program includes social media, news outlets, online and even offline tactics. Armed with this intelligence, your brand can respond appropriately and avoid further damage to your brand.

  • Response – Someone takes a swing at your brand—they don’t like your services or had a bad experience with an employee. What you do next can make or break your brand by either repairing a broken relationship or causing further damage. There is no simple solution. Each situation must be carefully vetted in order to determine the appropriate course of action.

  • Crisis – At some point in your brand, you will face a crisis. But it's how your brand reacts that defines the moment. What can you do to prepare? What materials, plans, guidelines, policies and procedures can you put in place to help you when the crisis strikes? And, when you get there, who will be the team to take charge and determine the right course of action? 

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