Now that you have a well defined, soundly built brand, the next step is to get the world to know it exists. There are many tools to accomplish this goal. The key is to understand and determine which assets should be leveraged for your brand:

  • Advertising – Some folks will say that advertising is dead. Others will vow it’s the only communication channel that counts. The truth is, like most marketing tactics, there’s a time and a place for everything. Whether or not it’s right for you is dependent on your brand’s objectives and business goals. Hencove Marketing excels at determining when, where and how advertising can be used effectively to generate desired outcomes.

  • Media Relations– A core component to nearly every thought leadership, business-to-business marketing effort is media relations. Producing your own content is good, but having someone else publish it for you is even better. Hencove’s expertise in working with the media runs deep and is a proven value to clients.

  • Collateral – Ensuring that your client-facing team and field-facing team are on the same page and telling the same story is important. But without the tools and resources to support their messaging, they cannot be effective. Whether traditional printed brochures, PowerPoint presentations, or interactive demonstrations, Hencove provides the full complement of sales and client collateral.

  • Video – Most brands recognize the power of video yet are challenged by implementation. But video, when used thoughtfully and purposefully, is an important vehicle for carrying your brand message and reaching clients and prospects.

  • Web – Today, the front door to your brand is through your website. What does your website say about your brand? Carefully orchestrating the first impression, and every visit after, is critical to conveying your brand message and creating a dialogue with your key stakeholders. Ultimately, a website is your brand in living, breathing form. It must be updated, maintained and tended to on a regular basis, not just when something breaks.

Make your stakeholders aware of your brand with Hencove Marketing.