The Hencove Philosophy

combining Strategy & Creativity

At the intersection of strategy and creativity, Hencove answers the age-old question: Can something be strategically aligned and creatively inspired? In a word, yes.

Choosing between strategy and creativity is a sacrifice we are not willing to make. Motivated by the misconception that there has to be either or, Hencove strives for equilibrium between strategy and creativity, delivering powerful integrated marketing campaigns. In order to be truly effective, both the strategy and creative must be as equally sound as they are intrinsically connected. 

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that is creativity.
— Charles Mingus, musician

But strategy and creativity alone cannot deliver. Every brand needs a team of highly skilled, passionate and focused professionals. Hencove is committed to being that team. With each team member dedicated to the overall project success, Hencove Marketing achieves its goals of being client centric, marketing-agnostic brand storytellers.

Effective storytelling is a must in today’s business world. Brands of all shapes and sizes are expected to have a finely tuned and carefully developed story. But getting there isn’t easy. We believe there’s an A.R.T. to good storytelling. The best stories are authentic, relevant, and thoughtful.

Consider us your chief storytellers.