The Power of Why

The Power of Why 

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugène Ionesco, playwright

From Socrates to Voltaire to Einstein, humanity’s brightest minds have demonstrated the art, and power, of asking a question, rather than knowing the answer.  

As a creative marketing and communications agency, asking questions is central to who we are and what we do. Practically speaking, questions help us understand our clients and their needs. But, questions play a deeper role than formulating a to do list.

Perhaps the power of questions is best on display through our process of rebranding a business.

At Hencove, a rebrand is an intensely thoughtful process. We believe that in order to create a new look, feel, and story that is authentic to a business, we must first deeply understand who our client is, who they aspire to be, and how they hope to differentiate themselves in their industry. As we embark on a rebranding project, we pose questions to achieve three aims: 

•    To spark meaningful dialogue
•    To dispel assumptions
•    To foster stronger relationships

Drive Dialogue
As we’ve discussed previously, one of the best learning tools is through engaging dialogue powered by questions. Rather than asking about preferred fonts, colors and shapes, we tend to ask questions that will provide us feedback, on which we can make informed recommendations about elements like fonts, colors, and logos. 

Our clients don't hire us to have them tell us what color they want. They hire us to interpret their business goals and then give recommendations on what their brand should look like to achieve that goal. So, instead of, “What's your favorite color,” we’ll ask, “What feeling do you want your logo to convey?” By helping clients to verbalize their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations, we learn more about the business. And, often, clients learn more about themselves through the process as well. 

Dispel Assumptions
There are three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth. The same can be said when writing a brand story. As creatives, we like to think of ourselves as open to all creative directions, but the truth is we are also human and bring biases about who our clients are and what they need. 

By offering up questions that work to clarify expectations, rather than relying on assumptions, your team can avoid misunderstandings, and be confident that the product you deliver aligns with client expectations.  

Strengthen Relationships
Asking questions shows people you care. Simple phrases like, “How are you doing?” can go a long way to fostering a stronger relationship with a family member or friend. There are similar check-in questions you can ask that will help forge relationships.

Questions also help build relationships for another reason. The answers to questions help us create a more complete picture of a business and its needs. From there, we are able to provide more informed, recommendations and guidance. That, in turn, creates a greater sense of trust and loyalty among our partnerships and relationships.

Ultimately, whatever your reason or purpose, the power of questions is undeniable. How will you use questions to achieve your business goals?