What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Congratulations; it’s a brand! The birth of brands, much like babies, brings excitement, new challenges, and constant responsibility. 

That’s why we call ourselves brand caretakers.  And, we’re here to suggest a few ways to take better care of yours. Much like one’s own children, your brand is both a part of you and a reflection of you. Make sure you care for it every step of the way. 

Making Friends
In any business environment, partnerships are key to survival. No man’s an island; no brand is either. Perhaps it’s a business or an industry association group or even a competitor; regardless, most businesses need to create strong alliances and partnerships to help them scale and succeed. 

But, you can’t work with just anyone. Think about what your business partnerships say to your key audiences. Do they enhance your brand? Bolster perception? Do the other brand’s value, mission and conduct align with yours? 

And while perception is important, value should be the deciding factor. What does partnering with this business do for your brand? Partnerships generally come at a cost, and it’s critical to weigh whether the cost is truly multiplying your efforts in reaching your goals. Even charities should be a deliberate decision. Don’t waste your money, or your brand, on fruitless alliances.  

Dressing Up
A new brand, like a new baby, may have some new clothes to show off. Many companies spend considerable energy and resources to dress up their new brand. And rightfully so. But, branding is about more than just creating a new identity; it’s about where you show it, in what context, and in what manner.

For example, if your business is interested in securing earned media placements, think about which publications would be best to lend your brand to. A highly-technical, B2B brand may not want to land coverage in a general audience publication that could decontextualize or water down your story. 

It may seem trivial, but even when it comes down to branded promotional items, you want to be careful about what you put your logo on. If you’re a brand with sophisticated technology, selling to C-suite level decision makers, maybe neon sunglasses are not the item to slap your logo on.

Though matching parent-child outfits make some of us roll our eyes, they may be onto something. Be thoughtful about how you dress your brand before you send it out into the world and make sure it accurately reflects your company.

Letting Go
As your brand continues to grow, you may find yourself having less of a say in the minutiae and day-to-day decisions. While every stage of brand growth is difficult, arguably one of the hardest parts of raising a baby, and a brand, is learning to let go, and trusting that it will thrive. 

Just like your own baby, any time your brand leaves your hands, you want to make sure it’s in the best care possible. Eventually, the goal is to ensure that your brand is strong enough to remain true to itself in any circumstance. Every decision you make impacts the future of your brand and requires careful consideration. As you nurture your brand from its infancy to future success, make sure that it not only grows, but that you guide it into the brand you’re proud of.