What Content and Elvis Have in Common

What Content and Elvis Have in Common

Elvis, and content, are both the king. But when it comes to reigning in your industry,  blogging will keep your prospects and customers “stuck on you.”  

With blogging B2B companies experiencing 67% more leads than their blogless counterparts, the value and impact of blogging are evident. 

So with the rest of 2017 still ahead, let’s consider a few high-level reasons why blogging works. We’ll dig into each of these broad topics in future blogs. 

Online Presence and SEO

A significant benefit of blogging is a demonstrated ability to increase traffic to a company’s website. For some companies in a B2B environment, a website has few updates throughout the year; new content can be a key driver in refreshing the site and driving traffic. 

Blogging improves search ranking in Google by adding relevant, industry keywords and topics to a company’s site and by keeping the page fresh with new content—both things search engines reward. And better search performance means more of the right visitors. 

Thought Leadership Opportunity  

A blog is a company’s chance to demonstrate its subject matter expertise. By identifying trends, making predictions, giving unique insights or just sharing news, blogging helps a company establish credibility, which can help attract new client and employees, future investors, and strategic business partners.

Blogging shows on-lookers that a company is serious about the industry issues they face. Additionally, one of the ways B2B businesses prove themselves to be a good partner to prospects is by showing that they know what they are talking about. 

An “In” with Prospects and Clients

Speaking of prospects, blogs are an efficient and effective way to stay top of mind among your future clients. One effective strategy is for a sales team to use the blog entries as content in an individual outreach to warm leads. The message sent to prospects is that the business is committed to helping the industry advance and is paying attention to their interests. 

Blog posts are useful for current clients too. By keeping them informed of issues in the industry and adding unique perspective, blogs can serve as a tool for increasing client retention. The posts are also a great way for businesses to populate a newsletter, keep themselves top of mind, and remind their clients why they chose them. 

We could, and will, go into more detail about each of these reasons why companies should blog in business-focused spaces. But our hope is that this overview gives a window into the potential for growth that blogging provides and a little nudge to get started. The blog written today could have a strong impact on future business success. 

So, let’s start writing.