The A.R.T. of a Logo

The A.R.T. of a Logo

At Hencove, we believe the best brand stories are authentic, relevant and thoughtful. Your brand story is communicated in countless ways and places. From your website, to your business cards, to your employees, to your social media profiles, every brand touch point is a chance to tell your story in a unique and compelling way.

And because we’re old school and like to read physical, printed books, we like to think of the logo as the cover to your brand story.

The old adage, “never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t ring as true in the business world. Many people judge a company by its logo. And, we don’t blame them.

Every brand has a unique story, so there’s no set formula for brainstorming, designing and implementing a logo. But we do believe the process should be a thoughtful one. So, what should you consider when creating or revamping a logo to make it memorable and distinctive?

Be Authentic
When brainstorming options, focus on answering the question, “What does this logo convey? What does it say? How does it make me feel?” Ultimately, you want audiences to trust the business behind the logo. And of course, it should be genuine to the company’s identity and align with the overall brand story.

Be Relevant 
FedEx features an arrow, conveying the movement that drives their business. Apple’s is simplistic and attractive, just like their products. And Amazon draws an arrow across the bottom of the logo to show that they cover everything from “a” to “z”. Whether the logo takes a literal approach to mirror the product, or an abstract one, make sure it harkens your mission. 

Be Thoughtful
Consider color, shape and placement. Who might it attract and, conversely, who might it alienate? After design, take a hard look at the logo. What will audiences see? Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Distractions in the logo can detract from the brand message. 

Once your logo is finalized, the goal is to find ways that the narrative created by the logo can carried through the entire brand. There are endless opportunities, internally and externally, to further integrate the logo into the brand identity. 

So, what does your logo say about you?