Putting a Spring Back in your Brand’s Step

Putting a Spring Back in your Brand’s Step

Ahhh, spring. Where have you been? You’re the season that saves us. You’re the sloppy, sputtering season that resuscitates our spirits. You’re undoubtedly the cruelest of the quarters – warming us with hope one day, only to freeze us out the next. But we need you now more than ever!

Spring may be slow in showing some years, but we all know it’s out there. We can sense its presence, no matter how hard it may try to hide.

Spring’s arrival brings new energy, and as the sun grows stronger and the light’s angle changes, we begin to see our world anew. It’s the perfect time of year to hold your brand up to that brighter light and see if it still matches the freshness and vibrancy we feel during these warming days. We offer a few ideas for greeting the season and, yes, putting a spring back in your brand’s step:

Time for a light refresh?
Regardless of the season, a full re-branding process can be daunting. Instead, if your brand is beginning to feel a bit dusty, maybe it’s time to just crack the windows for a bit of fresh air. A “refresh” of your brand can explore the use of new colors in your palette, tweak the logo to a more contemporary style or introduce updated language to your mission and vision. Even minor changes can be the breeze that builds to a driving wind. 

Have we begun to drift?
Spring is also a good time to take stock of how a brand is being deployed across all stakeholders. Has the brand begun to “drift” from person to person, with each using it in slightly different ways? Maybe your PowerPoint templates or your conference materials are going a little astray. Re-setting the clock today and unifying a consistent voice for your brand can be time very well invested in its long-term viability.

How’s our house, inside and out?
As we do at our own individual homes, spring should spur us to step back and assess how our brand’s home has weathered. Use the warmer weather to do a “walk-thru” from parking lot to back offices. What do you see along the way? Does the office need new signage that clearly directs clients to your door? Is there clutter that betrays your brand’s clean, clear image in the marketplace? If so, take some time to spruce up your exterior, and realign your brand look with your brand feel.

Welcome back spring! We hope you’ll join us in embracing the season’s inspiration for exploration and growth in your brand.